» Gallons per cubic foot [HTML]

Description: The water bills in Athens indicate your water consumption and charges in terms of cubic feet of water.


» Million Drops of Water [HTML]

Description: If you had a million drops of water, would you be more likely to drink it? take a bath in it? swim in it?


» Volume of a Can [HTML]

Description: What is the volume of a 12 ounce can?


» Minimum Surface Area of a Can [HTML]

Description: In packaging a product in a can the shape of right circular cylinder, various factors such as tradition and supposed customer preferences may enter into decisions about what shape (e.g. short and fat vs. tall and skinny) can might be used for a fixed volume.


» A Will to be Interpreted [HTML]

Description: Develop an argument from the point of view of a judge who must weigh all of the alternatives and decide what is in closest possible accordance with the spirit of the dead man's will.


» Change for a Dollar [HTML]

Description: What is the largest amount of money, obviously in coins each less than one dollar, you can have and not be able to make change for a dollar?

» Coins [HTML]

Description: In how many ways can 19 coins equal exactly one dollar?


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» Geometric Aspects of the Structure and Design of Commercial and Residential Field Irrigation [HTML]

Description: T here are designs specific to commercial crop farm irrigation and to residential (lawn and garden) irrigation. In each case several geological, economical and topographical factors came into play when deciding the proper irrigation system.

» Geometric Solar System Scaled Down: Lesson on Proportions [HTML]

Description: This is an activity to help students understand proportions by having them construct a scale model of the solar system.

» Mathematics-in-Context Activity [HTML]

Description: The purpose of the lesson is to utilize some applications of linear and quadratic equations and show how these would apply in the real world, using hands-on investigations. Using a tape measure, drop a ball from a given height and measure the height of its first bounce. Change the drop height and measure the first bounce. Keep repeating the process.

» Public Transportation and Mathematics [HTML]

Description: A class activity involving experimentation, statistics, and network optimization.

» Mathematics in the Dining Hall [HTML]

Description: Proportional reasoning, preparing recipe, payrolls.

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» http://www.micron.com/education/math/intro.html

Description: MATH IN THE WORKPLACE: Lot's of examples of how math is used in real workplaces

» http://www.learner.org/exhibits/dailymath/

Description: Math in Daily Life

» http://www.readiowa.org/workplacemath/contents.html

Description: Workplace Math Skills: Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers; Addition and Subtraction of Shop Decimals; Addition and Subtraction of Shop Fractions; Scale Drawing; Metric Conversion; Ranking Decimals and Fractions; Measurement.

Description: Lesson plans for applications of Mathematics: All Fired Up (Firefighter) Life Saver Anyone? (Lifeguard) Circuit Challenges (Electrical Engineer) Making Plans (Event Planner) Daunting Peaks (Vulcanologist) On a Roll (Roller Coaster Designer) Fit by Design or Design to Fit (Mechanical Drafter Designer) Paint by Numbers (House Painter) Formula for Success (Market Analyst) Pixelmaniacs (Computer Game Designer) Hearing is Believing (Audiologist) Record Breaking News (Sportscaster) In Dog Pounds (Animal Health Technologist) Teeing Off (Golf Pro) Let it Fly! (Aerospace Engineer) Tuning In (Piano Repair Technician)

» http://www.enc.org/topics/realworld/handson/documents/0,1946,FOC-000892-index,00.shtm

Description: Math from the Toy Store: Use of scaled replicas makes learning about ratio and proportion fun in this teacher's middle school math classes.

» http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/pres/map/mapque.html

Description: Investigate four math problems related to the use of maps. Math content: Aalgebra (coordinates and linear equations), scale, etc.

» http://www.nap.edu/html/hs_math/ch5.html

Description: Working with Algebra: Algebra at workplace including an example (cost of cerpet) activity with spreadsheets.

» http://www.nap.edu/html/hs_math/se.html

Description: Scheduling Elevators: In some buildings, all of the elevators can travel to all of the floors, while in others the elevators are restricted to stopping only on certain floors. What is the advantage of having elevators that travel only to certain floors? When is this worth instituting?

» http://www.nap.edu/html/hs_math/hd.html

Description: Heating-Degree-Days: An energy consulting firm that recommends and installs insulation and similar energy saving devices has received a complaint from a customer. Last summer she paid $540 to insulate her attic on the prediction that it would save 10% on her natural gas bills. Her gas bills have been higher than the previous winter, however, and now she wants a refund on the cost of the insulation. She admits that this winter has been colder than the last, but she had expected still to see some savings.

» http://www.nap.edu/html/hs_math/ea.html

Description: Estimating Area: In medicine, calculation of body surface area is sometimes very important. For example, severe burns are usually described as covering a percentage of the body surface area. Some chemotherapy drug dosages are based on body surface area. How might body surface area be measured? What factors influence the accuracy of the estimates?

» http://www.nap.edu/html/hs_math/ro.html

Description: Rounding Off: In a certain multi-million dollar company, Division Managers are required to submit monthly detail and summary expense reports on which the amounts are rounded, for ease of reading, to the closest $1,000. One month, a Division Manager's detail report shows $1,000 for printing and $1,000 for copying. In the summary report, the total for "printing and copying" is listed as $3,000. When questioned about it by the Vice President, he claims that the discrepancy is merely round-off error. In subsequent months, the Vice President notices that such round-off errors seem to happen often on this Division Manager's reports. Before the Vice President asks that the Division Manager re-create the reports without rounding, she wants to know how often this should happen.

» http://iwe.coe.missouri.edu/Career_Paths/Lesson_Plans/IET/ie0002.html

Description: Grades 6-8. Conversion Diversion: Students will practice converting standard measurement into a surveyor’s measurement. Student will use a multiple step process to do conversion problems.
Description: Bike Sizes

» http://www.showmecenter.missouri.edu/showme/mic.shtml

Description: Mathematics in Context Project sample lessons and teacher pages













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