GSP Script Tools: Geometry for Dummies Like Me

By Rebecca L. Adcock


Click on the name for the geometric figure you want to see.


Centroid Intersection of medians


Orthocenter Intersection of altitudes


Circumcenter Intersection of perpendicular bisectors of sides


Incenter Intersection of angle bisectors


Incircle Circle inscribed within a triangle


Medial Triangle Triangle connecting midpoints of sides


Orthocenter, Mid-Segment Triangle


Orthic Triangle Triangle connecting feet of the altitudes


Pedal Triangle Triangle constructed using lines perpendicular to a given triangle’s sides and a point in the plane

Center of Nine Point Circle The center of the most talked about circle in the math world

Nine Point Circle The most talked about circle in the math world

Trisecting a Line Segment Not so easy without a ruler



Equilateral Triangle (Given a side) Triangle with 3 equal sides


Square (Given a side) Rectangle with 4 equal sides


Isosceles Triangle (Given base and altitude) Triangle with at least two congruent sides


Triangle Centers (H,G,C,I) There are more than one…


Triangle Centers with Euler Line



Divide a Segment AB into Two Parts That Form a Golden Ratio


Pentagon, Given a Radius


Pentagon, Given a Side


Hexagon, Given a Side


Octagon, Given a Side