6690 - Using Computers in Mathematics Instruction

Danie Brink


Instructional Unit

This lesson unit is intended to assist in the teaching of the nine geometry theorems that form the basis for the Grade 11 geometry course in the syllabus of South African schools.

Step 1: To ensure that all terms used in the theorems are understood well, encourage students to click on the terms below to review their definitions.

Step 2: Encourage students to open the following Geometer's Sketchpad files and to do the exercises.

Step 3: Click on the links for the theorems below. There you will find annimations for all the theorems as well as worksheets for the students to practice the proofs of the theorems.

Please note: All the theorems on this website have animations attached to assist students to understand them and to practically see what the theorem says. These animations were created with the software Geometer's Sketchpad and you will need it to view the animations.

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