Assignment #12

Excel Spreadsheet Explorations

By Jennifer Byrd

For this assignment I will investigate a function y=f(x) using Microsoft Excel. There are many different forms of Excel but for this assignment I will use the Workbook.


This will be my data set for the assignment. I manually put all 20 of the x-values in then I set a formula for f(x). Excel is very helpful in this way because you do not have to compute y for every x-value, the program will do it for you!! By typing the formula into the second column of the first row then copying the formula and dragging it down the rest of the second column, this will compute y=f(x). Excel can also graph the function using the Chart wizard. Let's see what it looks like.



Excel can also construct many other types of graphs and charts. Bar graphs, pie charts, and scatter plots are other options under the Chart wizard.