Assignment 9: 

Pedal Triangles

by Kristina Dunbar, UGA


This assignment will go over the construction of pedal triangles using both random and special pedal points P.

How do you construct the pedal triangle?

A pedal triangle is the triangle constructed by finding the intersection of the perpendicular from the pedal point P to all three sides of the triangle.  The triangle formed from these three intersections is called the pedal triangle.

The pedal triangle can be outside the triangle ABC, as shown in the picture above, or it can be inside the original triangle, or it can even overlap it.


The pedal triangle also does not have to touch one of the legs of the triangle.  It can touch the extensions of the legs as well.


You may click here for GSP constructions of the Pedal Triangle, or return to Assignment 5 for a list of GSP scripts.


All of the above were for a random pedal point P.  What about in special cases?  Click here to explore those.


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