A Little About



Keri Hurney




I was born in Ohio in 1959.  I graduated from BGSU with a Math Ed. Degree in 1981 and chose to work in business rather than education. I worked mostly with computers in both the market research and health insurance industry.

I went on to earn my M.B.A. from the University of Toledo in 1989.  Then I taught computer and business statistics courses to undergraduates at UT for six years. I also did some computer consulting for a few years.

In between all of this I managed to get married and have three beautiful daughters who are now ages: 15, 8, and almost 4. We live in Dacula and I currently work as a Paraprofessional in Kindergarten at Freeman's Mill Elementary.  I have one more class to complete at UGA and then on to my internship and finally my CERTIFICATION.

My other life, outside of the technology and math realm, includes the art of teaching ballet.I have been a ballet teacher for 20+ years and still teach one evening a week at the North Georgia Dance and Music Factory in Dacula.