Transformations can be used to describe the movement in a plane.  Check out the PowerPoint used to explain the different types of transformations described in our textbook. 

Click here for PowerPoint

Using GSP to Investigate Transformations





Let's Go to the Movies!

Transformations are used in computer special effects to make movies.  Create a movie flip book of your own on paper.  Draw a square TV screen and make the origin the center of the television.  Put an image on the paper, translate the image to start the action you want it to do. For example, running or jumping.  Put the new image on the second page.  Continue to do that for about 10 pages.  Make each image move a little at a time.  When you are finished bind all the papers together, flip your book quickly and watch your images come to life!  How do filmmakers use transformations and computers to make movies?  What are pixels and how are they used?  As you find links on the topic email me so I can add them to my web page.  A number of video sources explain computer graphics as well.  Computer Dreams by Digital Vision Entertainment is one source.

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