Who I am

I am Hyeonmi from Korea.

I taught mathematics in Gwang-Moon High School in Korea before I came here. I had taught over 10 years since I graduate. Now I just started my doctoral program at UGA to be a better teacher. I love my students, and I want to show them my challlenging, and that's why I came here, UGA. I often said to them " Dreams are possible" , and "teaching is leaning" , that's my strong belief. Now I decide to be a student again. It means an improtant turning point in my life as a teacher. I want to learn advanced technology , knowledge related to math education, and something good from faculties including colleagues here. I expect it can make me better.

During school excursion in spring in 2001

A small group activity in june in 2003

the garden in the shcool

A rainy day in the school