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soo jin

Hi~I am soo jin!
It's really glad to meet all of you in this school~

I was born in 1979 in south korea and I lived in several countries include America.

I graduated my high school year in singapore international school and came back to korea and majored Math education in Korea University. I was very interesting when I learned the subject related to the teaching mathematics to the children. However I didn't have a lot of chance to study about that! In korea, altough one's major is math education not math, most of the subjects are just maths. And I always wanted to learn more about the teaching children math!

That's why I cam here UGA!!!

Now it is almost 3 months I stayed here; I love this place because everybody is so nice to me, the village here is very calm and most of all, I can meet with many professors famous at math education!

I love all of my learning environment here~

I am in master's degree now, but I will going to apply for my doctoral degree next semester!

My husband Jae Hong Shin is also studying math education here, and it's very helpful to each other since we are studying same subjects right now~

In my future, I really want to devote myself to researching, and if I have a chance I also want to carry my job as the math teacher in high school here~

If you want to now more about me,

come to my private homepage~



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