Assignment #6

Constructing a triangle from the medians of another triangle

Charles Meyer


The purpose of this investigation is look at the relationships formed between two specific triangles; a given one and one constructed from the medians of the original. I will look at the area, perimeter, side lengths and other important features of the triangles. The original triangle ABC is shown below.

I must now find the midpoints of each segment, label them, and then create the medians. Medians are defined as a segment from the midpoint of a given segment to the opposite vertex.

The midpoints, labeled D, E, F will help in constructing my new triangle. The process will begin by using segment CD as my base, I will then recreate segment AF using the parrallel line function, and finally recreate segment EB using the same process.

The intersection of the two parallel lines will create the third vertex of my new triangle. This vertex will be labeled G

Now to look at the two triangles side by side.

I can now begin to compare the two triangles and their properties.


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