Biographical Information


Charles D. Meyer

Born in Kentucky, I have taken a very round about way in life to reach my decision to teach mathematics. As the child of educators it would have made sense to set out on this path originally, but in an act of rebellion, I decided I would make my way as I saw fit, not the way of my parents. Choosing Auburn as my undergraduate university and the major of Building Science seemed like a good fit as the small town feel of Auburn gave me a comfort to the challenges of university life.


Four years later, I found myself as a graduate in a field that relies heavier on the economy that almost any other and the country in the middle of a recession. I was lucky to find my first job as an assistant superintendent on the construction of a large scale apartment complex. After nine months, I moved to Florida to be with my future wife in Tampa. Shortly later I found myself in Madison, GA working for the top franchisee of the Applebee's restaurant chain and building all over the country.


After nine years and an MBA, I decided that the business world is best left to themselves as morals seem to be out the window in the construction industry. I felt I could best use my talents in teaching children and with my engineering background, mathematics was the way to go. Now two years into a new career I am sastified with the choice I made. I can spend time with kids, coach soccer, and feel good about myself every evening when I go to bed.