Katherine Huffman & Brooke Norman

Line of Least Squares

Our goal for this project is to introduce the concept of the line of least squares and implementing a software program such as Fathom2.  We will begin with class generated statistics from a survey we have created.  The students will use the data collected in the survey to explore the concepts associated with the line of least squares.  Using Fathom2, the students will construct a scatterplot of the data that will enable them to visually manipulate a line of best fit.  They will then be able to compare their guestimate with the actual line, provided by Fathom2.  After the students have a basic understanding of the line of least squares, the class will discuss the method used for finding it by hand, as well as the concepts needed to complete this process.  Some of these concepts include correlation and regression.  Finally, the students will use Fathom2 to investigate how to use a line of least squares in order to predict possible outcomes. 

Day 1:  Introduction of Line of Least Squares Using Fathom2

Day 2:  In class Investigation of Methods for Finding Line of Least Squares

Day 3:  Using Line of Least Squares to Predict Outcomes of Data

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