A few things about Arielle

I grew up in a host of towns across northern Alabama. As a result of childhood influences like Mr. Wizard and Mathblaster video games I decided early in life that math and science were pretty cool. I would imagine my bug collections and personal race to calculate restaurant tip could be attributed to this notion. It also guided me through high school where I took every class I could find related to these subjects.

Following high school, I left Alabama and headed to Oxford College of Emory University, a beautiful campus situated in the Georgia Piedmont. Though I began college as one of those pre-meds (oops! ), I realized that while the math and science classes were fascinating the thought of medical school was dreadful. So I shifted my focus to learning and teaching both math and biology. In 2005 I left Emory with majors in math and biology and headed to the University of Georgia to figure out more about teaching.

When I stumble across some free time I enjoy heading outdoors - for a picnic, good read, or to commune with the wildlife. As a (very) amature botanist I am particularly interested in native plantlife. Since leaving home I've taken some time off of playing the piano - they just don't fit very well in a 1-bedroom apartment! So, as a practical solution to life without musical expression, I have started learning to play the guitar.