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I come from Chile , which is not the spicy Mexican fruit but the southest country in the world, located in South America.

I was born in Santiago de Chile, the capitol city.  You can see some pictures of my early childhood here.

All my school years (K-12) were done at Saint Gaspar College.  You can see some pictures of these times here.

I got my Bs.D.Ed at Universidad Catolica Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez.

Most of my teaching experience has been at Antonio Hermida Fabres School, teaching mathematics from 5th to 8th grades and leading the Department of Mathematics Education.

I’ve had also some experience on research.  One of the research project report I was part on, was published at “Acta Latinoamericana de Matemática Educativa” (Mathematics Education Latin-American Act”)

If you want to know something else about my professional profile, read my CV resume.





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