GSP Script Tools




Jeffrey R. Frye



The GSP script tool feature makes it easy to use constructions that have already been done previously by saving them in the tool folder for future use.  It saves time because the construction does not have to be redone.  My list of tools includes most of those listed in the assignment 5.


To view and try some of these tools, click on the desired tool.


  1. Centroid
  2. Orthocenter
  3. Circumcenter and circumcircle
  4. Incenter
  5. Incircle
  6. Medial triangle
  7. Orthic triangle
  8. Pedal triangle
  9. Nine point circle
  10. Trisecting a line segment
  11. Equilateral triangle
  12. Square
  13. Isosceles triangle
  14. Euler segment
  15. Divide a segment by the Golden Ratio
  16. Hexagon
  17. Octagon


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