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Belhaven College

The Department of Mathematics Education

MacTutor History of Mathematics Site -- St. Andrew's University

Math Forum (alias Geometry Forum)

Furman University Mathematical Quotation Server

Project InterMath

 Assignment 1:

Investigation of the Product of Linear Functions

Assignment 2:

Look at these two Functions

 Assignment 3:

Investigation of Quadratic Equations

 Assignment 4:

Angle Bisectors to the Incenter and Medians to the Centroid

 Assignment 5:

GSP Script Tools

Assignment 6:

The Art Gallery

 Assignment 7:

Tangent Circle Exploration

 Assignment 8:

Altitudes and Circumcircles

 Assignment 9:

Investigation of Pedal Triangles

 Assignment 10:

Parametric Curves

 Assignment 11:

Investigating Polar Equations

 Assignment 12:

First-Class Stamp Rates


Final Assignment

Part A: Bouncing Barney

Part B: Multiple Solutions

Part C: Stamp Problem

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