Response to "Teaching and Learning with Dynamic Geometry Programs in
Student-Centered Learning Environments: A Mixed Method Inquiry"

Teaching style is greatly impacted when integrating technology into the classroom.

When teacher have various teaching styles it may be difficult to adapt to the use of

technology. Like with the teachers in the article, some would more easily adapt than

others. Some of the teachers concern may sound similar as they do to myself as well.

Kim has a common concern of losing control of the classroom. This is understandable

when we have been so used to a very structured classroom. Activities that are given in

groups would have an outside portrayal of a disrupted, ineffective classroom. I heard of

an instance where administration didn’t allow a teacher to take part in a certain activity

because it seemed to be too disruptive. This has become a traditional mold that will be

hard to modify. Ben seemed to go overboard with his instruction. He was what they

classified as “too helpful”. This may seem fine, but may end up limiting the students’

abilities.  Barb had the belief that the activity just replaced her involvement in teaching

all together. This is sometimes a misuse of technology by teachers. Technology is a tool

that should be used by the teacher for further investigation in the classroom, not as a

teacher replacement. When technology is misused in the above instance as well as

others it may prove to be ineffective. However, when used as a method of adding deeper

thinking it can be very effective.