Response to Exploring Secondary Mathematics Teachers' Reasons for Not Using Computers in Their Teaching: Five Case Studies

This was a very interesting article. The way the research was conducted eliminated some

of the variance they may have been present in other studies. This was an upper-level all

girls school, which eliminated some of the common concerns of the use of technology

hindering the student from obtaining some of their basic skills.

The case of Peter came across as almost arrogant. He talked about the fact that there

was no need for technology because all they needed to learn would come from him. He

was not very open to even allow the use of technology in the classroom. What was so

frustrating about this was that he had a great advantage because he was so fluent with


Another case in the article was about Mary. Unfortunately, I think it is a common

experience. Mary was open and eager to use technology, but because there was not any

support from the math department or school she was hesitant about even using

technology. It is difficult to change the styles of other teachers so Mary was limited in

the use of technology.

I think that the technology was available at this school and the expertise (in Peter’s

case) was available, but that doesn’t mean it is always used.