Assignment 5

The write-up for this assignment is to create a file on your home page with links to various GSP script tools you have produced. I anticipate that some of the following list will be included, but that you will also add items to the list as the quarter progresses. The write-up will be a library of GSP files with script tools.

The following file contains 28 GSP script tools that are helpful when working with GSP. These tools can be put on your computer permanently by placing this file in your Toolbox Folder. They will then be a part of your Custom Tools menu any time you run GSP. Your Tool Folder is located in the same directory that the GSP program files are located in.

Click here for the GSP file containing these script tools.

The script tool in the above file are categorized as follows:

Triangle Centers:

  • Centroid
  • Orthocenter
  • Circumcenter
  • Incenter
  • Triangle centers
  • Triangle centers with Euler Line

Triangle Tools:

  • Incircle
  • Medial triangle
  • Orthocenter, mid-segment triangle
  • Orthic triangle
  • Pedal triangle
  • Center of nine-point circle
  • Nine-point circle

Polygon Tools:

  • Equilateral triangle, given a side
  • Square, given a side
  • Isosceles triangle, given a side
  • Pentagon, given a radius
  • Pentagon, given a side
  • Hexagon, given a side
  • Octagon, given a side

Miscellaneous Tools:

  • Locus of vertex of a fixed angle that subtends a fixed segment
  • Divide a segment AB into two parts that form a golden ratio
  • Trisecting a line segment

(this was made using the fractals script tools)


  • Koch Fractal
  • Pythagorean Tree
  • Tree Fractal