GSP Script Library

By Nikhat Parveen, UGA.

Below is the library of script tools created by using Geometer Sketchpad (GSP). Its a good collection of geometrical tools and very helpful to refer back and forth without having to recreate every time you need.


Centroid (G)

Orthocenter (O)

Circumcenter (C)


Incenter (I)



Orthocenter w/mid-segment triangle

Orthic triangle

Medial Triangle

Pedal Triangle

Equilateral triangle (given a side)

Square (given a side)

Isosceles triangle (given a side)

Trisecting a segment

Triangle centers C, G, I and O

Triangle centers with Euler line

Nine Point Circle

Center of Nine Point Circle

Golden ratio

Pentagon (given a radius)

Pentagon (given a side)

Pentagon(with a golden ratio)

Hexagon (given a side)

Octagon (given a side)



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