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The Department of Mathematics Education
MacTutor History of Mathematics Site -- St. Andrew's University
Math Forum   (alias Geometry Forum)
Furman University Mathematical Quotation Server
MathWorld   (from Wolfram Research)
Project InterMath
Folding paper in half 12 times

Number Topic
1  Looking At Distance Equations
2  Making Predictions About Parabolas
3  Investigating Quadratic Functions
4  Constructing the Nine-Point Circle
5  GSP Script Tools
6  Line Intersecting an Angle
7  Exploring Tangent Circles Using GSP
8  Altitudes and Orthocenters
9  Investigating Pedal Triangles
10  GSP Animation of a Cycloid
11  Beauty of Mathematics: Polar Equations
12  Postage Rates Rising
Final Project:  
Part A  Bouncing Barney
Part B  Multiple Solutions
Part C  Stamp Prices

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