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Purpose and Protocol
Designed so that AP Calculus teachers can have resources outside of their own school districts.  Any submissions are welcome and can be sent to me via email.  Please provide brief descriptions when submitting files so that I can post the nature of the activity, lesson, etc. along with the title.  I will attempt to keep this page organized by topic and I will include your name (and any other contact info you wish... email, school, webpage, etc.) next to each of your contributions.  If we receive enough contributions, I will make a page for each contributor (in addition to the topical index); this way you can search by your favorite contributor and find activities that suit your teaching style.  Hopefully this will become a good resource for the teachers not in close proximity to another calculus teacher. 

AP Calculus Learning Community
The AP Calculus Learning community is a group of teachers from different schools and systems that meets monthly.  The agenda for each meeting is quite flexible and is set by the group members at the previous meeting. In the past year, we have had a wide range of session formats including:
Student Presentations of Content and Technology
Teacher Presentations of Lessons, Activities, and Student Work.
Discussions about points of Difficulty (Volume Problems, Related Rates, etc.)
Comparison of appropriate methods of review before the test.
Analysis of AP Reading by a Test Reader
If you are in the Athens area, you may wish to join us for a meeting.  For more information, visit the Learning Community Webpage, or contact Sandy Blount.

Online Calculus Forum
Any questions, comments, requests for help, or random thoughts can be posted.  Hopefully this will provide an easy outlet for discussion when you are around a computer.  If this is not what you had in mind, let me know and I'll see if I can find something better to put in its place.

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Rectilinear Motion -   Instructions for graphing on the TI : Hamilton Hardison
                                 GSP Sketch for Rectilinear Motion : Hamilton Hardison
Software               -   Winplot : *FREE* Graphing software that is easy to learn and use.  Can do 2D & 3D graphs, Solids of Revolution, Crossections, etc.

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