Just a Little About Myself

I don't have very much to say about myself. If you know me and you are reading this, then you know just how incredibly boring I can be.

The last time I updated this page was at the beginning of the school year. Since then, several things have happened. First of all, I was finally able to move into my home. That was exciting! We spent several days in a row cleaning and painting and all that other stuff that goes along with moving. I was so glad to be out of the motel at that time that I would have done almost anything!

So, now my husband Robert and I are living out in the big town of Commerce, GA with our two ornery Chihuahuas Daisy Mae (Ballhead) and Dottie Roo (Hitler) and one hampster named Hammie. If you are wondering what is going on with the last names, I like to think of them as little nicknames. Daisy Mae has been with me for a fe years now and I started calling her my little ballhead because she has an "apple" shaped head that looks exactly like a tennis ball with ears. Dottie Roo joined the family just last year and since Daisy had three names, Dottie did too. She acquired the nickname Hitler because she has a little Hitler mustache under her nose.

Obviously, you can tell that I am a dog person.

Unfortuantely, when we moved I had to get rid of the other pets we had (I only say "we" because it makes it sound as though Robert had pets of his own). We used to have quite the zoo with a barn cat and two horses as well. We weren't for sure what was going to go on down here as far as a place to live and everything, so I decided that it would probably be easier to sell and then get another horse once school was finished. I have my eye set for a Friesian. Want to see pictures? Go to www.blacksterlingfriesians.com.

Robert has decided to start his own business doing decks, porches, room additions, etc. He spent several weeks looking for a company that does this around in this area, but everyone he has found do not do as high of quality as he is used to. He doesn't want to be known for doing work for people that do not do a very good job, so he has decided to strike out on his own. If you know anyone that might be interested you can call him at 636-359-3114. The name of his company is Dean's Decks.

Well, that's about all I have for now. I will eventually put a few pics up, but I don't have any at this point in time.

Thanks for visiting!