About Me





SCHOOL:  I am a third year UGA student, in my second semester as a math education major.   I studied music education for my first two years, as a voice major.  My expected graduation date is May 2008.


CAREER GOALS:  One of my greatest passions is helping people learn and watching them come to understand new things they never knew before.  That is why I am working toward being a middle (or high) school math teacher.  I not only want to help explain the mysteries and intricacies of mathematics to an otherwise confused world of students, but I also want to use the venue of the math classroom to make an impact in studentsÕ lives and teach them how to be better people.


ACTIVITIES:  I attend and serve as a worship leader for the College Ministry of Prince Avenue Baptist Church in Athens.  That means I do lots of singing as well as lots of planning and prep work for services, not to mention just getting to hang out with tons of cool people.  I also just started teaching 9th and 10th grade girls Sunday School there, and IÕm totally loving it.


HOBBIES/INTERESTS:  I love people, and so anything I do that allows me to spend time with people is something I enjoy.  From watching movies to playing board games to talking and yes eating, I take any and every opportunity to spend time with people, especially those I care about.  I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and spending time with Him through prayer, fellowship, and reading his Word.  Music is also a tremendous part of my life, whether itÕs listening to it nonstop or singing, playing guitar and keyboard, or writing songs, I am constantly surrounded by the wonderful gift of music, and I wouldnÕt have it any other way.  Other random things I like to do are read, tell stories, act silly, and help people with problems (math or otherwise).  Oh, and I really really like llamas.  IÕm not sure why. 


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