Tiffany N. KeysŐ Assignment 7:

Tangent Circles




Given two circles and a point on one of the circles. Construct a circle tangent to the two circles with one point of tangency being the designated point.



Step 1:  Construct one large circle with the center A.

Construct a smaller circle inside the larger circle with the center B.

Step 2:  Create an arbitrary point on each circle, labeled C and D

Step 3:  Construct a line segment from point B to point D to be used for the radius of a circle with center D.

Create a line that goes through points A and C.

Step 4:  Use the line segment BD to create a like circle with center C

Step 4:  Label a point, E, that lies on the newly constructed circle and also on the new line.

Step 6:  Construct a line segment from point B to point E with the midpoint F.

Step 7:  Construct a line perpendicular to segment BE that passes through point F and passes                                    through line AD at newly labeled point, G

Step 8:  Create a circle with a radius equal to the length of GC, which creates a circle that is tangent to the two other circles.



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