Summer Tuggle


Assignment 2.6


Graph the parabola

i. Overlay a new graph replacing each x by (x - 4).

ii. Change the equation to move the vertex of the graph into the second quadrant.

iii. Change the equation to produce a graph concave down that shares the same vertex.











The purple graph is the original function. 


The red graph is simply a shift of the original 4 units to the right. 


In order for the blue graph’s vertex to be contained in the second quadrant, the vertex has to be shifted so that the x is negative and the y is positive.  I first had to shift the parabola to the left 4 units. This is accomplished by shifting the x coordinate (hence the x+4).    Then the y value has to be positive (hence the +4 as the “c” value).


The green graph shares a vertex with the blue graph.  It is simply concave down.  This is accomplished by making the “a” and “b” coefficient negative.


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