Assignment 5: Geometer's Sketchpad Script Tools

by Shawn Broderick

This assignment required a set of script tools to be made in Geometer's Sketchpad. Here are the separate tool files:

1. Centroid of a Triangle
2. Orthocenter of a Triangle
3. Circumcenter of a Triangle
4. Circumcircle about a Triangle
5. Incenter of a Triangle
6. Incircle inside a Triangle
7. Medial Triangle
8. Orthocenter of a Medial Triangle
9. Orthic Triangle
10. Pedal Triangle
11. Center of the Nine-Point Circle
12. Nine-Point Circle
13. Trisect a Line Segment
14. Equilateral Triangle Given a Side
15. Square Given a Side
16. Isosceles Triangle Given Base and Height
17. Triangle Centers H, G, I, C
18. Triangle Centers and Euler's Line
20. Golden Ratio Segment
21. Pentagon Given a Radius

22. Pentagon Given a Side
23. Hexagon Given a Side
24. Octagon Given a Side
25. Cube Given an Edge

All tools in one file for your convenience:

All Tools SB.gsp