Moving Ground


Nick Gomez

In Chile, my grandma skateboards to the local arcade to hussle the younger kids of their money at the foosball table. However, the arcade has been conviently placed on a fault and everytime their is an earthquake the arcade is moved further and further from her home. Being the excellent mathematician that she is, she was able to determine that the street the arcade is on runs like the graph of the function xn + yn = 1 where n is the number of earthquakes that Chile has had since she moved there. She noticed the dramatic changes after the first earthquake and began her observations. The street were she lives is similiar to the function y = x, and her arcade is where the two functions intersect.

Map of Grandma's and Arcade After First Earthquake

Chap. 1 Where is the arcade going?

Chap. 2 The Rival Arcade

Chap. 3 What Is There Relationship?