Looking to the Other Plane


Nick Gomez

My Grandma came up with an elaborate plan to get me to think outside of the box, the coordinate box I would suppose it ended up being. I was visiting her to see how she was doing, she had recently been sick and I knew that my presence would cheer her up. I walked into her home to find her out of bed and talking to herself. She continued to mumble that something was horribly wrong with the way the workers had constructed the flower beds. I had no idea any such constructions were going on. My Grandma smiled and said she did not have enough money originally to pay the workers so she faked being sick to get some extra money from my parents. I was a little flabbergasted but at the same time impressed with her cunningness.

She showed me how the paths were to be laid out:

To me this looked absolutely incredible, and I wondered what inspired my Grandma to such a peculiar design. She said it all goes back to quadratics, all one has to do is think of it in a different plane.

Part I: No Longer XY

Part II: The Manipulation of C

Part III: Grandma's Design