Grandpa's Game


Nick Gomez

In my Grandma's house there are a few articles of my Grandfather that are always on her living room table. My Grandma claims that using these items she can play a game with my Grandfather on the other side depending on where she places the items and how they move on the table. She decided on day to show me how this all worked. She begins by placing my Grandfathers pocket watch and his glasses and draws a line connecting them. She then places a piece of chalk on the table above the line somewhere. It ends up looking something like this:


My Grandma decided that she is going to leave me to play with my Grandfather, saying that all I have to do is look at the pattern created when he moves the chalk and guess which special point of a triangle my Grandfather was showing me the movement of. I was confused and astounded that such a thing was possible, my grandmother said it was just him being a big math dork with her and for me to have fun. She closed the door behind her saying that he will start off easy but I should expect to be challenged.




Chap. 1: Start With The Basics

Chap. 1 Part II: More Basics