Incredible Machine


Nick Gomez

It was a cold day in January that I began to worry about my Grandma keeping herself warm that night as many days had passed with below freezing temperatures. I visited her and she was pleased that I would have volunteered my self to chop her some nice wood for her fire place. My Grandma always being the serious mathematician had a very peculiar device for chopping wood. She called it the parachopper since it cut all of the wood in a particular shape, that she refused to let me know about. I told her I would use the device but I needed to know how to use it. Grandma began to tell a long story about how recently the machine had broken and needed to be rebuilt. I let her know that I am not that skilled in mechanics and she said that all I needed was a little math knowledge to make this incredible machine. She handed me the blueprints and I was to begin.