Keeping Fit With Grandma


Nick Gomez

My Grandmother in her 95 years of life has not had any serious health issues. There was the misstep of 1982 which caused quite the commotion but she refuses to speak about that. Consequently however, my Grandma’s doctor has had her on a health plan which consists of three activities jump rope, horse shoes (quite the sport in Chile and for old people), and jogging. My Grandma being who she is found a way to also exercise her mind by combining these activities to her mathematical know how. She decided that each activity will be a different constant a, b, and c in the quadratic form of an equation (ax2 + bx + c = y). Depending on how many of each activity she does per day will change the graph in different ways. So if she wants a particular looking graph she has to think how long (in minutes) do I have to jump rope, how many games of horse shoes do I have to play and how many laps will I jog?

Before she can begin this rigorous excercise of the mind, she first needs to see how each constant will effect the graph of the quadratic.


Jump Rope (Constant a) Horse Shoes (Constant b) Jogging (Constant c)