Centoids by: Aubrey


A centroid is a point whose coordinates are the averages of the corresponding coordinates of a given set of points and which for a given plane or three-dimensional figure (as a triangle or sphere) corresponds to the center of mass of a thin plate of uniform thickness and consistency or a body of uniform consistency having the same boundary (according to Webster.com).

Basic Centroid

To construct the Centroid place curser on the page and left click mouse to create first point. Drag the line to create the second point and left click mouse. You have now constructed a line, notice that the midpoint has been identified. Move curser up/down/left/right to create the third vertex of the triangle. You should now see three vertices, each with their own midpoints. The midpoints are then connected to their opposite vertices. These new segments meet in the center to form the Centroid. Congratulations on your construction!

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