Medial Triangles by: Aubrey
A medial triangle is also known as the auxillary triangle and is formed by joining the three midpoints of the sides of the "starter" triangle (according to Mathworld.



Basic Medial Triangle

Look to the left hand side and click on the T at the bottom of the tool bar. Click on Medial Triangle18. Place curser on the page and left click mouse to create first point. Drag the line to create the second point and left click mouse. You have now constructed a line. Move curser up/down/left/right to create the third vertex of the triangle. You should now see three black vertices and three hot pink vertices conecting the midpoints of the edges of the black triangle. As you animate a vertex, notice how the inner triangle still keeps the same overall ratio tot he larger black triangle. Your did a medial triangle looks great! Congratulations!


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