OK, I have to admit that Five Guys has really good fries too. The best one I have tried in the States. I like their logo as well. Red and white squares pattern is a pattern on Croatian coat of arms and on national jerseys. People claim they have good burgers and hot dogs as well. I will believe them. This web page is dedicated to all Five Guys fans in Georgia. If you ever wish to eat there and want to find the closest one, you can always choose this web page rather than using your iPhone.

According to Five Guys web page there are 27 Five Guys restaurants in Georgia.

The picture below represents the map of Georgia. The black dots labeled A through A1 are Five Guys locations. As you can see the majority of Five Guys is located in Atlanta area, Columbia area whilst Athens has only two restaurants.

Delaunay triangulation was more challenging than ever but Mathematica and the ComputationalGeometry` package plots the Delaunay triangulation of the given list of points.

Let's plot the dual of the Delaunay triangulation. Thus, the Voronoi diagram of the Georgia's Five Guys.


Here is the Veronoi diagram together with the triangulation,

and without.

I have tried to be as precise as possible. However, dealing with the Atlanta area become a bit tricky so there are possible minor mistakes. However, for a true Five Guys fan this should not be much of a problem.