Autobiographical Statement


Monisola Olubuyide



Hello everyone,

My name is Monisola Olubuyide but most people call me Moni and my students call me Ms. Olu. I have been teaching at Rockdale County High School for 3 years but I aspire to do more in the educational field. I orginially graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in Economics before I got my first Masters in Education. I am currently attending UGA to obtain a Masters in Mathematics Educations in order to enroll in the PhD program next year. On a more personal note, I am the youngest of four children and between us four we have over 10 degrees, so you can say that education is big in our family. My late father was a chemistry professor and my mother is a registered nurse. So it was either education or medicine in my family. My older two sisters chose medicine, one is a ObGYN and the other is a pharmacist. My brother is into engineering but he will join the education field soon. At Rockdale, I teach freshmen Math 1 the new mathematics curriculum in Georgia. I have also taught other courses such as Algebra I, Geometry, Sat Prep, and Algebra 2. I look forward to adding more classes to my repetoire and expanding my knowledge as well as others on what we think of education.