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Whitney George

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Office:  Boyd 427J

Email: wkg"at"uga"dot"edu

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2009-2010 will be my third year at UGA in the PhD Mathematics Program.  I am interested in low-dimensional topology and knot theory.  Before attending UGA, I  attended the University of Oregon where I received my BA and MS in Mathematics.  I also taught at Piedmont College for a year. 

I am from North Bend, Oregon, which is a small coastal town.  For my junior year of high school, I spent the year abroad in Northern Italy.  I later returned in college for another semester.  These experiences greatly influenced me;  I actually wanted to be a Romance Language major in college!  But, I couldn't deny my interest and fascination in math.  So, I switched over to the math program at UO during my sophomore year and the rest is history! 


Assignment 1: Graphs of Functions

Assignment 2: Second Order Equations

Assignment 3: Quadratic Equations

Assignment 4: Medians of a Triangle I

Assignment 5: GSP Scripts

Assignment 6: Medians of a Triangle II

Assignment 7: Tangent Circles and Lines

Assignment 8: Orthocenters and Altitudes

Assignment 9: Pedal Triangles

Assignment 10: Parametric Equations

Assignment 11: Polar Equations

Assignment 12: An Excel Project

Final Project:

The Roaming Goat

Assignment 0

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