Assignment 5: GSP Script Tools


Jason P. Pickhardt


The following tools were made in Geometer’s Sketch Pad in order for ease of construction. Simply click on the tool desired to open a GSP file. Click and hold the custom tool button to select the tool and then simply proceed with the construction. If you are not sure how to begin construction click and hold the custom tool button and select “script view”.  A small dialogue box will appear explaining the entire construction of the tool. Enjoy!
















Medial Triangle

Orthocenter, Mid-Segment Triangle

Orthic Triangle




Pedal Triangle

Center of Nine Point Circle

Nine Point Circle




Trisecting a Line Segment

Equilateral Triangle, Given a Side

Square, Given a Side




Isosceles Triangle, Given Base and Altitude

Triangle Centers (H,G,C,I)

Triangle Centers With Euler Line




Locus of Vertex of a Fixed Angle That Subtends a Fixed Segment

Divide a Segment AB Into Two Parts That Form a Golden Ratio

Pentagon, Given a Radius




Pentagon, Given a Side

Hexagon, Given a Side

Octagon, Given a Side



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