A Sliver of My Story

I am a graduate student working for my master's of arts in teaching, majoring in secondary school mathematics, at the University of Georgia. I was born and mostly raised in Biloxi, Mississippi, with a six-year stint in Northern Virginia. I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2006 from the University of Southern Mississippi. The summer after finishing my undergraduate work, I worked for a Christian-based social services camp in West Palm Beach, Florida, where I met the woman whom I would come to call my best friend, my wife Libby. She graduated from Berry College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and minors in Biology and Chemistry and is planning on attending nursing school. After my work in Florida was finished, I looked into attending divinity school, so I applied to Mercer University's McAfee School of Theology (mostly because it was in Atlanta and Libby lived just outside of the city). I moved to the Atlanta metro area and decided not to attend divinity school, deciding instead to pursue teaching high school mathematics, an idea that I forgot after my freshman year of university. I taught one year of middle school mathematics and one year of secondary school mathematics (teaching Geometry, Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry, and Calculus) before deciding to work towards a master's degree.

I have recently picked up running as a hobby, but wish that playing the bass guitar took up more of my time. I love helping my wife with her volleyball team, the JV girls at Hebron Christian Academy in Dacula, GA. We both have a great heart for Africa (she's been to Ghana and Ethiopia) and Wales and dream of the day when we can call them "home."

For more information, e-mail me.