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Brandon Samples

Send me an email:  bsamples at uga dot edu

I am currently entering my fourth year in the Ph.D program for math at UGA.  When I am not immersed in classes and teaching, I enjoy listening to music and following Braves baseball. 

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A tutorial for EMAT 6680



Two Linear Functions Which Are Tangent To Their Product:

Explorations With Quadratic Polynomials:

 Quadratic Equations Solution Sets Using Graphing Calculator:

 Perpendicular Bisectors of a Triangle Are Concurrent:

 Script Tools:

 Should A College Football Place Kicker Move Back Five Yards?

 Tangent Circles:

 Orthocenter Exploration:

 Pedal Triangles:

 Parametric Equations:

 Polar Equations:


Goat Final


Extra Assignment

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