My name is Chen Tian. ^_^

I got my B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science in China 2007. Now I am working on my M.A. in Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia as an international student. I really want to become a wonderful math teacher and do research about math education (though I am not a doctoral student yet and have low proficiency in English language). I am working on my thesis for graduation, which is a good opportunity for me to learn more and think more.

Here at Athens, while I grapple with every difficult moment myself, luckily, sometimes with the help of my friends, I enjoy every happy moment. Sometimes I laugh silly inside myself, and sometimes share with my family and friends. Oh, I experienced Athens’ snowy days first in 2008 (it was a light one; everything went on as it was supposed to be) but second in 2009 (it was so heavy that classes were canceled for one day (good for us), but some of my friends got power cut-off so they came to my apartment cooking, eating and then playing poker. Interestingly, my hometown also snowed at almost the same days. I guess it's because my hometown Xi'an (34°18'N 108°56'E) and Athens (33.96°N 83.4°W) are pretty close "latitudewise", and both are not near the ocean.

I love my hometown Xi’an, China (that’s why I put the initials “xa” in my UGA ID). I enjoy staying with my parents, friends, and also playing cards with my maternal grandma.

Well, I cook for myself. Fooks Foods, Wal Mart, and Kroger are the resource of my food and fruits. I am glad my friends give me rides to these important-to-me places.

I am sharing three pictures of me: “With my parents Sep.25, 2007 (Chinese Mid-autumn Day)”, “In front of Xi’an Drum Tower July 2009”, “Shopping at Fooks April 2009” (It lies on the corner of Baxter and Rocksprings. Go try some Asian food if you have interest in.).

I will soon graduate next year (2010) and go back to China to start another new stage of my life, but I till remember the first days I came to America and the old good time I spent and the wonderful conversations I had with my classmates, teachers, and friends. It also made me want to write so much. Ok, got to stop now.




Every cloud has a silver lining.

Work hard and get better every day.

Updated December 10, 2009

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