All About Me


Amber G Candela


I was born and raised in Western New York in the city of Rochester. The summer before my freshman year in college I had the opportunity to go to El Salvador where I was put in charge of helping two children learn math. Even through the language barrier we were able to communicate and my love for teaching math began. I received my B. S in Math at St. Bonaventure University, and minored in education. I moved to Charlotte, N.C where I taught 7th grade math. In Charlotte I was able to teach to a spectrum of students ranging from an inclusion class to an advanced math class. I was challenged in teaching three levels of students in a single day. I then decided to pursue my Master's Degree full time at Appalachian State University. At Appalachian State University I taught College Algebra as well as Business Calculus and enjoyed my time teaching at the collegiate level. After spending two years in Boone, N.C., I moved to New York City where I took a job teaching 8th grade math in East Harlem. This was a totally new and unique experience for me. I went from teaching three levels of students in different classes in North Carolina to teaching three levels of students in just one period. I loved the challenge of teaching my students and transffering my love of math to them. It was always a goal of mine to teach future math teachers so I decided to return to school and pursue my doctorate in Mathematics Education. I am excited about the challenges ahead and look forward to learning new ideas about the mathematics education field