A little bit about me: Jackie Gammaro

Hey everyone! I am a first year doctoral student here at UGA. I've earned a MA in Mathematics/Statistics from SUNY Binghamton and my BSEd from a little state college in northern PA, Mansfield University. I taught for 10 years total in a variety of settings - middle school, high school and collegiate. Most of my teaching experience is in a middle school setting. Watch out for those eighth graders, they will take you over. I worked as a part time adjunct instructor at a local community college back home. "Where is home?" you ask. I'm from upstate NY in a little town called Corning, NY. Perhaps you've visitied the Corning Museum of Glass, or perhaps you know Corningware, or Revereware, that is from my town! Corning is in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region, which is the second best part of NY state in my opinion. NYC is first place for me. However, NY is frigid 3 out of 4 seasons of the year, and yet I do love the summertime in NY, and I've spent almost my entire 33 years there, I wanted to move to the southeast for the weather, family and most importantly, an education here at UGA.