Ashley Jones

Assignment 5

GSP Constructions

Everyone needs a good set of tools to rely on when solving mathematics problems. Using Geometer's Sketchpad to explore mathematical ideas requires a good set of tools as well. Below is my personal set of 24 mathematical tools that can make your explorations easier. When you need to find the centers of a triangle, instead of having to find them all step by step, just use my handy dandy Triangle Centers tool. This way you can spend more of your time exploring, rather than wasting time constructing things that you have done before!




Medial Triangle
Orthocenter, Mid-Segment Triangle
Orthic Triangle
Pedal Triangle
Center of 9 Point Circle
Nine Point Circle
Trisecting a Line Segment
Equilateral Triangle, Given a Side
Square, Given a Side
Isosceles Triangle, Given Base and Altitude
Triangle Centers (H, G, C, and I)
Triangle Centers With Euler Line
Locus of a vertex of a Fixed Angle That Subtends a Fixed Segment
Divide a Segment AB Into 2 Parts That Form a Golden Ratio
Pentagon, Given a Radius
Pentagon, Given a Side
Hexagon, Given a Side
Octagon, Given a Side