Alexander (a.k.a. Alex) Moore

About Me

My name is Alex Moore and I am a graduate student here at the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! This past spring I completed my undergraduate program in mathematics, also at the University. My dream job in life, and the reason I am at school, is to be a teacher. The problem is I am unsure what level of math I want to teach. Whether I am destined to be a high school teacher or a college professor the world my never know. A few of my hobbies are frisbee, card games, math, eating, working out, wrestling, and video games. Some of the things I do not like are homework, work, studying, and vegetables. I have no desire to be rich (as far as money goes), all I want is to have enough money to support my family comfortably. I would like to one day be married and have a couple of children. I love to laugh. I have always believed that laughter is the BEST medicine. I try to laugh and make those around me laugh. I have a mom and a dad, both very loving, and I have two younger brothers, both currently in college. My family owns 4 annoying chihuawas and two pretty chill cats. I enjoy life and do my very best not to stress. I make the most out of my time on earth with my family and my friends.