Final Project


Stacy Musgrave

Part A

First, we explore the problem of constructing the following image in GSP.

Click on this link to see the GSP file.

We then complete the challenge of calculating the area of the yellow shaded region in the above diagram. The exposition of this is found in this document.

Part B

Next, we journey back to Assignment 12 to complete another project. I chose to look at using Excel to solve a typical Calculus 1 problem, namely: Given a sheet of 5x8 cardboard, cut out squares from the cardboard to fold up and form an open-top box. Maximize the area of a box formed in this manner. Again, click on this link to see the Excel document and exposition. What I enjoyed about this activity was that it would be an excellent exercise for students taking math courses who would likely only use math in the context of applications (and hence calculating with computers). It demonstrates how students can gain visual insights into a problem that could otherwise be solved in a completely abstract manner.

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