Final Project


Part Two (A)

Construct the figure



To produce the figure above using GSP begin with a circle and its radius



Then construct another radius perpendicular to the first radius



To finish constructing the square, rotate point A 90 degrees around point C to create point D.Construct the segments to connect the four points to complete the square.



To create the arcs inside the square, construct 3 circles, each one centered on a vertex of the square with the radius extending to an adjacent vertex.



Now itís time to hide the circles and shade in the interior.Create the arcs HE, EF, FG, and GH.

The shading is done in two steps.

First select points E, F, G, and H.

Construct the arc segments

Then create the quadrilateral interiors.

Now you have your constructed figure.


Part Two (B)

Find the Area of the Yellow Interior