The Diaries of a Math Teacher

I am a High School Math Teacher with DeKalb County Schools.
I am currently enrolled in the MAT program in the College of Education.

But It wasn't always this way........

I was born into a family of educators. All of my paternal uncles and aunts (all of them..!!) were educators in the Philadelphia School District.
Although I had been around teachers all of my life, I decided to pursue another field.

I graduated from Florida A&M University in 1998 with a B.S. degree in Business.
Shortly after graduation, I joined the U.S. Navy, went to Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, FL, and
served as a Supply Corps Officer, attending the Navy Supply Corps School in Athens.

After my time in the Navy, I spent 5 years in purchasing, eventually becoming a Certified Purchasing Manager.

During my career I realized that the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of my job were those that were related to education or training,
so I decided to change careers and became a math teacher.

Immediately upon obtaining a position as a High School Math Teacher, I was welcomed into the "family business" by all of my aunts and uncles.......

The saga continues.........

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