About me!!

I graduated




I graduated
in Feb, 2005. If there's anybody who are interested in universities in Korea, go to Korea university. It just rocks!!  

My favorites!!!

I luv drinlking!! I am a happy drinker, and my favorite is Makguly! But I also love dark beer such as guiness!!


My Precious!!

Oneday, I will meet him!! One day!!!

Now I am a grad students of
  I was working at school, and I knew that I gotta be better than this. I thought I was a good follower of what the others doing, but not really a good teacher. I decided to study more, and I thought and came here. Although I am flat broke now, I am happy because I am doing what I want!


Well, Being a better teacher! I wanna teach till I die as long as my students do not complain about my age...