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A tutorial for EMAT 6680



Below you will find attached the following investigations


Assignment 1: Graphing Functions

Assignment 2: Second degree equations

Assignment 3: Quadratic Equations

Assignment 4: Centroid Investigation

Assignment 5: Script Library

Assignment 6: Are You Ready For Some Football? Field goal post problem

Assignment 7: Tangent Circles

Assignment 8: Altitudes and Orthocenters

Assignment 9: Pedal Triangle

Assignment 10: Parametric Equations (How about that t?)

Assignment 11: Ice Cold Polar Equations

Assignment 12: Explorations with spreadsheets

 Assignment 1:

 Assignment 3:

 Assignment 6:

 Assignment 7:

 Assignment 8:

 Assignment 9:

 Assignment 10:

 Assignment 11:

 Assignment 12:














Final Assignment

Final 1: A rational function study

Final 2: Exploring an Inscribed

Square in a Half Circle

Final 3: Circumcenter












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